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Whether You Should Repair Or Replace Your Car Glass?

car glass replacement vancouver
There might have been a lot of times when your car windshield must have got crashed because of a rock bounced off your windshield or your kid just dropped a ball there… and bam! There you are! Your windshield needs repairing or maybe even replacing.

But there are times when you might get confused whether to replace or repair your car glass. But if you don’t do any of the two, it will obstruct your view and above all if it’s like other rock chips you’ve received, it’ll soon sprout cracks that spread like wildfire.

And then the question arises—whether to replace the car glass or you can repair it?

Although earlier you had to replace the car windshield whenever it had some issues, now you have the option of repairing it. The modern technology has given you this privilege.

A lot of car repairing shops provide you the option of repairing your car glass but it also depends on the size, the location of the damage and how damaged is your car glass is. If everything seems to be feasible, you can go ahead and repair the glass. The majority of windshield repair shops can repair quarter-sized rock chips and cracks up to three inches long. But if there is anything bigger than that, replacement is much better option.

If your car glass has suffered a very big hit, then sorry but it is beyond saving. Above all, if you see the cracks of the windshield are spreading to a large extent, then again, you might have to replace the car glass.

 The cost—

The cost of the repairing matters a lot. However, a normal cost for a repairing should be around $40 to $50 for a single rock chip. For any further chip there may be an extra $10 that might cost you.

However, if your crack seems to longer than three inches then it will definitely need some special treatment and that will cost you quite a big buck around $70-$80.

The replacement cost keeps changing depending on various things like the brand of your car, the replacement shops and it might be a lot more than the repairing charges.

But better safe to be sorry and this is the reason why you must replace your car glass when needed in order to keep you and your car safe. We “Auto Body Repair Vancouver City” provide you some of the best car glass replacement service in Vancouver.



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